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Count Me In : A Dance and Education Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

This week, Hannah and Carly meet with twol returning guests, Kim Dodson and Jenna Smith to discuss what being a freelance dancer is like during the current pandemic. The four chat about making new routines, releasing the pressure to be busy, and taking in the huge wave of online content. They also touch on the moments they are grateful for and hopes for the future. Kim and Jenna share resources for dancers as well as ways all of us can support artists during this time.

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Resources from this episode: 

*Broadway Cares Equity Fight Aids - online fundraiser to assist entertainment community (both onstage and behind the scenes) during COVID 19:

*The Actors Fund - providing economic assistance to those in need:

*The Drama League - offers Directors Emergency Relief Fund

* Heatwise yoga

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Carly: @CarlyFayedance

Kim Dodson: @kdotsdotcom

Jenna Rae Smith: @jrae13 @thebeerbb

Hannah: @hannahmae92

Producer Corey: @CoreyJennings