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Count Me In : A Dance and Education Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

This week is off the rails! Carly and Hannah interview "Producer Corey" better known as Corey Jennings. Get to know the behind the scenes how Count Me In started, how many creative fields are alike, and see if Carly and Hannah convince Corey to change his instagram handle.


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Jun 17, 2019

Take a Break! Carly and Hannah are away at the beach on vacation this week, and we are taking a bit of a break. Many exciting episodes coming up with family and friends. Talk to you soon!

Jun 10, 2019

This week Carly & Hannah sit down with teacher/choreographer Morgan Anderson. The women discuss noticing the potential damage of competitive dance and involving students in the choreographic process. As a sought after teacher and choreographer, Morgan also elaborates on how empowering it can be for younger students to...

Jun 3, 2019

This week Carly & Hannah sit down with freelance dance artist, adjudicator, and master teacher, Dani Albertina. The three discuss the struggles of building a freelance career, the benefits of being part of a team, and building the next generations of dancers. The three dive deeper into knowing what your role is, and...