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Count Me In : A Dance and Education Podcast

Dec 16, 2019

Carly and Hannah have been trying to secure Doug Hamby as a guest forever! Finally, in the midst of his retirement, the tenured professor from Carly & Hannah’s Alma Mater, UMBC, sits down for an in depth conversation. The 3 discuss the challenges of starting dance at an older age, how much New York’s art scene has changed, and the shift he has seen in his 33 year long run at a University. He shares incredible stories of his time with Martha Graham’s company, and Carly has the chance to share what an impact he had on her dance career. There was no shortage of questions for Doug since he experienced the golden age of art, and has had such a long career. He answers them all tenfold.

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Doug Hamby: @hambydouglas

Carly: @CarlyFayedance

Hannah: @hannahmae92

Producer Corey: @CoreyJennings